The new Absorba is here!

A history of confidence

Since 1949, Absorba has taken care of children from birth to independence by dressing them in comfortable and protective clothing dedicated to their well-being as well as that of their parents. Backed by its history but looking to the future, Absorba is revisiting its identity in its own way, with awareness and emotion. By firmly placing itself on the side of new parents and their habits of contemporary life.

At the heart of its DNA, assuring comfort and protection to babies, from their first days of life and a gentle arrival into the world. But above all, Absorba is a brand that accompanies children until they are independent, cultivating the virtues necessary for childhood: truth and simplicity, cheerfulness and complicity.

A new full-color logo

In order to stay true to itself, Absorba is gently evolving its codes. The logo is subtly reduced, giving each letter space to breathe. The signature, on an unchanged background, leaves space for a modern typography. Finally, a red dot appears: next to the blue, in a nod to the brand’s first logo in 1949, its French identity is evolving, but not only that!