Posca x Jean Bourget: Artists, this way!

Imagination and creativity are at the heart of the JEAN BOURGET Spring/Summer 2018 collection. This charming children’s clothing brand is teaming up with POSCA, artists’ favourite since 1983, and a manufacturer of felt-tip pens and markers, for a T-shirt-based collaboration.

Inspired by the world of music, girls and boys can start colouring their own T-shirts with their set of three POSCA markers. For boys, it’ll be a turntable, for girls it’ll be a medley of iconic objects from record sleeves to roller skates, and cassettes to heart glasses.

Once it’s coloured in, the T-shirt will become a collector’s item which is fully washproof.

Capsule collection for 2-14 year-olds available from 15th January in Kidiliz stores and on kidiliz.com.