150 days and counting to the World Cup with Esprit Kids

150 days and counting to the start of the World Cup! To mark the occasion, Esprit Kids is launching a special collection for girls and boys: kick-off in March 2018. For boys: T-shirts in the colours of the participating nations, with the number of the team’s most popular player on the back. For girls: a sparkly heart in the national colours. The collection is also available on onesies: tiny tots can join in the fun.

With Esprit Kids, a new generation of supporters is born.

Items available for France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, ltaly and Belgium from certain Esprit partners (e.g. Galeries Lafayette, Inno, Karstadt). Baby (3-24 months) €12.99; Mini (2-9 years) €15.99; Youth (8-16 years) from €17.99.